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Call this your instruction manual or the wire under the dashboard. If you want to know the complete picture of how STADIS can generate a whole new revenue stream for your venue, you’ve come to the right place.

Every venue utilizes some kind of one-to-one marketing, loyalty program and/or social networking (maybe even a mixture of all three). Only with STADIS can you tie all of these together, with a guarantee of generating real results in the first 18 months.

  • Take your internal systems, (ticketing, retail, food and beverage, parking, wireless, etc) and call these your building blocks.
  • Right now, they operate as independent Silo’s, but we can change that.
  • Information that comes from these systems is captured by the Fan Data Bases and reports can be generated that detail specific fan behavior. (keep in mind STADIS can also track team dollars/coupons, VIP/gift cards, employee meals, sponsorship and much more.
  • This information can feed a CRM and provide you with a comprehensive, yet easy way to combine your one-to-one, loyalty and social networking programs through a single source.

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