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Let’s be clear. Fans that come to your events are the lifeblood of your stadium or venue. Their business is your survival. And only with STADIS, will you know exactly what, where and how much each fan spends.

Why not reward your most profitable fans with great deals and offers, from concessions to retail, even to purchases outside the venue so that sponsors can help to increase fan loyalty as well? We call it the “360° view of the fan” that can keep them coming back for more. Tracking and analyzing specific fan behavior is the holy grail of venue marketing, and only STADIS can deliver this elusive gold mine.

Dawson Hughes
Senior Director of Sales and Service, Kansas City Royals
The ability to include in-stadium purchases up-front provides a great sales and marketing message to reach additional fans. Plus, the cost-effective functionality of STADIS has lead to incremental ticket, concession and retail sales and has allowed us to expand our loaded-value offers rapidly.
Dave Jolette
Vice President of Venue Operations, Kroenke Sports Enterprises
Pepsi Center has taken customer service to the next level with the addition of “Club Cash”for our season ticket holders.

STADIS helped us package loaded value into their tickets which can then be spent at any food or retail outlet in our facility.
Derek Schiller
Executive Vice President of
Sales and Marketing,
Atlanta Braves
STADIS has been great. We are doing well with both breakage and uplift so the net result is more revenue.
Howard Scharf
Assistant General Manager,
Lehigh Valley Iron Pigs
STADIS has enabled us to maintain our strategy of not discounting group ticket prices. Over 90% of our group fans have value built into their tickets when they arrive at the ballpark, which drives those fans to our concession locations generating incremental sales every game.

STADIS gave us an alternative method of attracting groups on dates where all the hospitality space has been sold. Ticket Plan holders are utilizing added-value when their tickets are being used for client entertainment.

We have found the loaded value concept to offer greater flexibility than standard gift card sales.

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