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STADIS Ticket Bundling

STADIS was one of the first to marketing in offering ticket bundling.  This was first released for the Philadelphia Phillies way back in 1994 and we invented the term “Loaded Tickets”. Back then, ticket bundles only offered stored value or decrementing value as part of their bundles. Today, STADIS offers stored value and a robust selection of item rewards that allows you to create truly unique ticket or membership bundles, enabling you to target the many unique audiences you serve.

Ticket Bundling

Just as important but under-utilized, “Ticket or Membership Bundling” provides a critical component for driving fan engagement to analyze and understand customer buying behavior – by establishing a customer ID. Every person who enters an event where gate access is required, has some sort of ticket (paper, mobile, wristband, card, RFID, etc.), and provides key personal data when purchasing that ticket.

Drive Fan Interaction

Ticket Bundling is the most profitable way to drive fan action. Whether driving attendance to an event on a historically slow night, encouraging a fan to buy a specific Food or Retail item, or driving mobile shopping cart transaction activity, bundling drives action! Why? Because when planned properly, bundling contains the optimal mix of items that have a high upside or high penetration rates. IMS research has revealed that on average, only 50% of fans who attend a MLB or MiLB game average approximately 1.25 to 1.5 F&B transactions per game. And even more dramatically, only about 5% to 10% of fans purchase from the team store for any given event.

Using this knowledge, in addition to understanding bundle margins, can help give you the insights to create more compelling, profitable bundles.

STADIS Rewards

The best venue operators know that you need best of breed systems to effectively operate at the business line level. The challenge – these systems are siloed and standalone. The solution – deep, quality systems integrations that enable robust cross-system rewards.

Stored Value Rewards

Digital Coupon Rewards

Item Rewards

System or Vendor Rewards

Threshold / Qualifier Rewards

Category & Subcategory Rewards

Tiered Rewards

STADIS Loyalty

Traditional loyalty programs have had their challenges. While the concept is correct – providing customers with more valuable rewards as they achieve key thresholds – loyalty programs in practice have not always delivered that result.

The dynamics of a successful Loyalty Program is one where rewards are geared towards delivering immediate rewards vs. delayed rewards (after the event). Or more importantly, crafting a program with the proper mix of both. Because the bulk of “old-school” loyalty plans are based on delivering delayed rewards based on accumulating and redeeming points for non-valued rewards, industry statistics show why this approach is failing:

STADIS Loyalty increases program penetration and redemption rates in two robust ways. First, by using STADIS Rewards tactics as immediate rewards to incent customers to engage “early and often” in taking desired actions. So not only are customers immediately rewarded, but STADIS Loyalty allows for any number of delayed rewards to be accumulated based on program criteria, and then easily accessed and used as currency based on program rules.

STADIS Loyalty brings the best program rewards structures to customers, keeping them engaged and spending.

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