Industries Served

Sports & Entertainment

Mobile ticketing gets you closer to true one-to-one fan identification and engagement. Cross the finish line with the STADIS portfolio of enterprise products geared to simplifying multi-system integrations, maximizing one-to-one rewards and engagement, and providing real-time enterprise wide insights.

Theme/Water Parks

A different breed of destination where there are no seats, so real-time engagement and insights are critical to maximizing the experience. Cross-system integration simplification is even more critical, as ticketing, POS system, ride management systems, and online systems must be integrated for seamless engagement and insights.

Cultural Centers

What’s the best ways to engage your patrons? Try and drive repeat visitation with Loyalty programs? Or drive immediate share or wallet with ticket bundling and immediate rewards? With STADIS you can do it all. Integrate your disparate systems through STADIS iNTEGRATE. Drive immediate engagement and incremental revenue with creative ticket bundling delivering immediate rewards. Drive future engagement and visitation with robust Loyalty currency.

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