Eliminate the complexity, inconsistencies, and headaches of point-to-point integrations.

Enables ETL (Extract, Transform & Load) Process

Easily extract data from one or multiple sources, transform it into the proper format, and load it into the appropriate data source (database or data warehouse).

Integrated with:

All Major Ticketing Systems

All Major POS Systems

Major Applications

STADIS is also a member of the Ticket Master and partner programs, and can also integrate and communicate financial, inventory and many data types with many major finance, accounting, and ERP systems as well.

Enterprise Service Bus

STADIS Integrate is our “Integration & Enabling Technology” that is based on Enterprise Service Bus (ESB) or Integration Broker architecture principles.  These principles enable us to write a single STADIS “application connector” that facilitates the integration from one application or data source to multiple.

ESB provides loose coupling of services, allows services to be reconstituted into entirely different application contexts than when they were first developed, and promotes reuse of applications without the need to recode.

Common capabilities include data transformation and mapping, message and event queuing and sequencing, security or exception handling, and protocol conversion.

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